Rough and dry on the outside,

An image of a withering flower.

Crumpled up failed artwork

And thrown into the trash.

It is the size of a

Grain of sand hidden under the beach,

A troublesome mite living on the coat of a dog,

A single cracked window on a 100-story skyscraper.

It is as deformed as the Titanic

Rusting at the bottom of the ocean.


But, within the rugged exterior

Lies promises of hope and joy,

Sweetness and happiness.

Things none can resist.

It promises a taste as sweet as a newborn baby,

As sweet as first learning to read.

It promises to reward you.



It deceived you.

It lied.

The inside is a void, a vacuum:

Nothing more than expected,

Nothing less.

It is a raisin.